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Eileen Spezialy - Anchorage School of Music and DanceWe began our Angelina Ballerina Ballet program with Summer Camps in 2012. We had enough enrollments in the camps that they paid for our initial investment. Our fall classes began with the new school year and by the end of October we had 45 students enrolled. When our spring dance recital came about in May, we had 74 Angelina Ballerina students perform on stage. We are now into our second year with the program, and we have over 100 students currently enrolled.

Our teachers attended the free training seminars Beverly Spell taught this past summer and brought back even more information that has strengthened our program. Our teachers believe this program is a positive way to introduce ballet to young students, and that their excitement will keep them interested in ballet for years to come.

The student base we have built with these classes has helped us populate the next level of classes in our dance program. This year we saw growth in our Kindergarten Ballet & Ballet 1 enrollment because students from our Angelina Ballerina program are choosing to continue with dance. We now have a profitable dance program that we know will continue to grow, and we have the Angelina Ballerina program to thank for it.

Vince & Eileen Spezialy
Anchorage Music & Dance Center


I can recommend the Angelina Ballerina method as great way to introduce stories, technique and fun to your preschool dancers. Parents and students alike love this program and it has increased our bottom line!

Angela D'Valda Sirico
D'Valda & Sirico Dance and Music Centre


Sam and Val BeckfordLast year, before the Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy program we had 192 3-5 year old students.This year with the Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy program we have increased to 296 3-5 year old students and we are still adding new Angelina Classes. That represents a 54% increase in students. We charge more for the Angelina classes than our regular classes so it is a 62% increase in revenue. Overall this program has directly added $65,060.00 in additional revenue to our studio this year.

Our studio also benefitted from free local publicity from 2 local papers that ran stories about the uniqueness of the Angelina program at our studio.

We made half of our 3-5 year old classes Angelina classes and left the other half as our “unbranded” regular classes. The majority of parents chose the Angelina classes even though they are priced higher than our regular classes.

Our teachers love Beverly Spell’s detailed syllabus, the parents like the emphasis on reading and child development and of course the kids love the Angelina Ballerina character.

This program has been a great strategy for us in multiple ways and we are excited to see even more positive effects on our studio in the future.

Sam & Val Beckford
Guildford School of Music & Dance

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