Angelina BallerinaTM
Live Character Appearances


As an Angelina Ballerina partner studio, you have the opportunity to book a meet and greet
with the Angelina Ballerina character at a reduced rate not available to the general public. The live appearance is a proven way to attract new potential students to your studio and delight your existing students and families.

Angelina Ballerina Live AppearanceAngelina Ballerina Live Appearance
Pictures from a Angelina Ballerina appearance at Encore Dance Studio in New York

Feedback from an Angelina Partner studio that hosted a live appearance at her studio.

Here are some pictures over of our "Angelina Ballerina" event today! It turned out to be a huge success!! I thought no one was coming...we had about 50 families, 15 that were not a current member of the dance studio.  We had only 2 register at the event, but about 10 other families are coming for free trials this week! And many current families were commenting that we are the best dance studio because we do stuff like this for the kids!! :)  Angelina was amazing and worth every penny! As soon as there was a free moment, she created a dance class with the kids! The parents were sooo impressed!! I def will book this again!!! Thanks again for always giving the best suggestions!!

Encore Dance Academy

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