Angelina BallerinaTM Curriculum


The Angelina Ballerina curriculum not only attracts students because of its popularity but it
retains students because of its uniqueness. This unique program not only retains students
during the year but helps to retain them from year to year to keep the same familiar Angelina

Beverly Spell - Angelina Ballerina Curriculum DeveloperThe curriculum has been developed by master curriculum developer Beverly Spell, master teacher and author of the LeapnLearn program. Beverly Spell is regularly featured as a master teacher at the Dance Teacher Summit, the
Rhee Gold Dance Studio Life Conference,
Dance Master Workshops and several other
national and international events.

You will receive a 9 month (34 weeks) curriculum
based on the Angelina Ballerina Themes.

There are 2 levels of syllabus choreography to teach students in targeting two age groups for

Angelina themed classes:

Level 1: 3 - 4½ year olds
Level 2: 4½ - 6year olds

There is also a themed curriculum for a 1 week summer dance camp provided for both age group levels.

Over the year, 9 book themes will be used (one per month) to teach Angelina themes and choreography.

Angelina Ballerina Curriculum Package

Angelina Ballerina skirts and earsThe custom Angelina Ballerina curriculum soundtrack is full with lessons and activities which will motivate young dancers, with select lessons guided by the voice of Angelina Ballerina herself.

Official Angelina Ballerina ears and skirts are also available at wholesale pricing to for studio partners to resell to students. These extra touches make students feel like they are dancing just like Angelina!

To view a sample of the curriculum click here.

Beverly Spell developer of the Angelina Ballerina curriculum

Parent Feedback to the Angelina Ballerina Curriculum

Jenny Buhl - Knoxville, TNMy five-year-old daughter, Katy, had just completed her first year of dance at Angela Floyd Schools when we heard the exciting news-they were now an official Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy! We have always loved the character, Angelina Ballerina, and couldn't wait for Katy to participate. We immediately signed her up for the 5-day camp, and Katy began to ask us daily, "How many more days until Angelina Ballerina Camp?" As it got closer, her excitement continued to grow. We highly anticipated a week full of fun and dance, but it was much, much more. The 5-day camp was very well organized and provided an opportunity for Katy's self-confidence to blossom. She was taught ballet positions along with the French terminology that she was eager to show us at home. She learned the importance of keeping her body strong and healthy by exercising and eating nutritious foods. She thoroughly enjoyed completing many Angelina Ballerina crafts and performing a dance routine at the end of the week, all while having fun in a loving and caring environment. Because of this positive experience, Katy's love for dance has grown tremendously, and she now wants to be a Ballet Teacher when she grows up. We are truly blessed that Angela Floyd Schools provided this opportunity for our daughter. Thank you, Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy, for allowing our daughter to pursue her dream of becoming a ballerina!

Jenny Buhl
Knoxville, TN

Carrie DuncansonMy daughter attended the Angelina Ballerina Camp at Angela Floyd School for Dance and Music during the past summer and loved every minute of it! She thoroughly enjoyed each and every activity during the week, the art, books and of course the dancing! I was so pleased with the attentiveness to detail and professionalism of the instructors at Angela Floyd School for the Angelina Program. The icing on the cake was wearing the "real" Angelina tutu and the mouse ears. I would encourage any parent to enroll their little ballerina in an Angelina program. If they enjoy the television show and books, they will have an amazing time!

Carrie Duncanson

Stacey NewmanMy daughter loved Angelina Ballerina Dance Camp.  I was amazed at the improvement in her dance technique and increased knowledge of dance terminology.  I think the camp is a perfect (and fun) way to introduce dance to young girls.

Stacey Newman


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